You cannot use Zomato Gold while dining solo


Zomato users expressed their dissatisfaction concerning the latest update in Zomato Gold’s membership fine print. Zomato revised its norms and announced that if a person was dining by themselves, they could no longer make use of their Zomato Gold privileges. The company has also implemented a change wherein if there is more than one person dining, only one of them can avail of membership benefits.

Previously with two people, both members could reap the benefits.

Many Zomato users expressed their disapproval on Twitter with the latest change. Many of them pointed out that Zomato has full right to alter their norms, this new policy is applicable for new users as existing users had already paid up for one year. Another user pointed out how unfair it is that a solo diner cannot use Zomato Gold.

Written by Pooja Gupta