West Bengal govt reduces petrol, diesel prices by Rs 1 per litre


Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee on Tuesday announced that the state government has decided to reduce the tax on fuel by Rs 1 per litre.

“We demand that the Central government reduce the cess on petrol and diesel. The price of crude oil has gone down internationally, but they (Centre) are increasing the prices and also the cess. Both cannot happen simultaneously. The state government does not get any percentage from the cess.

West Bengal Chief Minister alleged that the cess imposed by Central government has been increased and no attempts are being made to stabilise fuel prices.

“In January 2016, petrol price was Rs 65.12 whereas in September 2018 it is Rs 81.5 per litre. So the petrol price has gone up by Rs 16.48 per litre. Diesel price was Rs 48.80 in 2016 but now it is Rs 73.26, a hike of Rs 24.46,” she added.

The Andhra Pradesh government had earlier reduced Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuels by Rupees 2 per litre while Rajasthan slashed tax on fuel by 4

Banerjee said “Our government has not increased sale tax or excise duty on petrol or diesel in these years so that the common people do not get disturbed.”

Expressing concern over rising fuel prices, Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ramesh Agarwal said that the reduced price of fuel in West Bengal will provide relief to the people and business community.