Rohit Kapoor to lead real estate for OYO

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Adding more feathers to the cap of Odisha Business news, OYO rooms that began in the state has expanded its base to different countries and is now venturing into the real estate segment. The company has been doing well over the years and now is in a transition position. strategic development and changes are being done to ensure a stable business ground for the firm, this would widen the pride of the Odisha business news too as the startup began its initial journey from the city of temples.

OYO Hotels on Tuesday announced the appointment of Rohit Kapoor to lead its real estate businesses from the coming December 6.

Rohit was the Executive Director and a member of the board at Max Healthcare, a joint venture between Max India and Life Healthcare, South Africa, OYO said.

“He will also be responsible for growing OYO’s business in India as well as across international markets, through strategic partnerships and investment opportunities,” according to a statement from the company.

OYO Hotels runs a multi-country chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces.