Odisha’s startup Grozip to be mentored by Jack Ma

Odisha's startup Grozip to be mentored by Jack Ma

Odisha’s startup Grozip, a technology-focused app-based on-demand local delivery company facilitating consumer-facing and business-facing delivery across major cities in India is going to be mentored by Jack Ma, co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group.

The company focuses on creating a value proposition for small and medium vendors and customers by solving their delivery issues using technology. It operates using a marketplace model and onboards small and medium businesses that use their technology platform to increase sales and reach more customers. They aim to deliver happiness and connect families together across geographies.

With India’s population and internet data consumption increasing at 400 percent, Grozip believes it is just at the nascent stage of the company’s potential and wants to make the most of this opportunity in Tier 2,3 and 4 cities of India.  There has been huge demand in these cities for delivery services and with supply close to non-existant.

At its core, Grozip is a technology company. Grozip is working to solve last-mile logistics by allowing local merchants to outsource delivery. The company works with merchants in local communities to deliver items from neighbouring stores directly to your door. As of today, Grozip is focused on groceries, farm to fork and food, but has planned to move into other spaces in the near future. The company also works with a fleet of contractors who use their intelligent software to deliver goods efficiently and with cost-effectiveness in mind.

The company is serving a three-sided market, and offers a different value proposition to each side. For merchants, Grozip provides a way to deliver goods and a new channel to acquire customers. For consumers, it’s a platform to discover new shops in your neighbourhood and it’s a huge time-saver. For Grozippers, it is an avenue for flexible work and meaningful pay.