Meet Revofit, a one stop health and fitness solution from a Scootsy co-founder

Sunjay Ghai, CEO, Revofit and Hello Green by Revofit
Sunjay Ghai, CEO, Revofit and Hello Green by Revofit

In an exclusive interview with Krishna Bahirwani, Sunjay Ghai, founder & CEO, Revofit shares what his new app is all about.

What is Revofit? What does it do differently?

Revofit is a digital health platform, which aims to democratise health and fitness, making it accessible for everyone. Our features which enable this are dietary recommendations, video-based workouts and content from India’s best chef showing us how to cook right as well. We also have features like an audio coach for guided walks and runs. What Revofit does differently is that its takes a holistic view and gives you a one-stop solution.

What does Revofit take into consideration when using AI to create unique eating plans? Do these plans come with Indian dishes?

We take a lot of personal data points like height, weight, sex, age, health problems, etc. to compute this data and create bespoke plans just for your needs and requirements. Yes Indian food is also part of these recommendations. Revofit is made for the Indian market and its unique dietary requirements.

How do the customised workout plans work? To what degree can we expect customisation?

Taking the data points mentioned above Revofit then asks you to do a fitness test and uses all these data points to create a unique tailor-made workout regime for you. Post this starting point, we take your inputs on how tough or easy these workouts are for you, which is used by the algorithm to push relevant workouts for you going forward.

What makes the store unique? Will we see exclusive items?

The store uses your likes and preferences to constantly use AI to push relevant products to you. For example, someone who likes yoga will probably see organic products or someone who workouts in the gym sees more protein supplements.

What has your journey with Revofit been like from inception until today?

The journey has been intense and rewarding, seeing your creation come to life and impact so many people’s lives in a positive way has given me immense happiness. We constantly get emails from people who have used the app and seen dramatic changes and this keeps us focused to constantly push the envelope.

What does it feel like to start afresh after Scootsy?

I have always been a serial entrepreneur and I need to keep starting new companies, the Scootsy chapter is now over and the mind is focused a 100% on making India healthier and happier and scaling this to impact at least a 100 million lives.

What is your business model and how do you see yourself being competitive?

Our business model is moving to a freemium model where we will begin to charge for our services and also now push our e-commerce since our community has grown dramatically in the past year. We also have our last mile food delivery brand Hello Green, which has scaled amazingly in the last 6-9 months and will push to have a 100 touch points.

How do you plan on improving content quality over the next few years and what are your plans for expansion?  

We are launching a new feature, which has India’s best coaches available via Revofit who will digitally coach you via our platform. Having these great trainers at your fingertip will be an amazing addition for our community. We are launching a sleep app as well, which will use India’s deep knowledge in meditation to impact people’s lives and remove a big pain point today, which is lack of sleep.