Make In Odisha Conclave 2018: Revolutionary Journey Towards New Horizons in Business and Industry


Odisha is scheduled to witness one of its finest industrial revolutions as the most awaited flagship biennial global investors summit is to be organized from 11th of November to 15th of November 2018. The conclave is being looked up with lots of expectations and hopes for newer ideas and execution of benefiting steps for the progress of the state. The dignitaries and panel members ensuring their presence in the meet are of strong industrial backgrounds and their responses are way encouraging for the people of Odisha.

There are many events and happenings which will take place for the first time in the conclave and to mention a few here is a list:

  • Conclave duration: the Odisha conclave 2018 is designed and planned to be a complete 4.5 days affair and the main agendas being the development of the state in different aspects. The key focus of the meeting would be building the state for the future needs and addressing most issues related to the same. The participation of 15 departments of state government, experienced team of investors, government official and the general public is expected to ensure the success of the program in all terms.
  • Business leadership summit: 12th of November 2018 is a big day as a business tycoon, mass leader and the inspiring personality Mr. Mukesh Ambani is expected to deliver his phenomenal ideas to the public in the state. The business leadership summit would possibly inspire and provide a different perspective for the budding entrepreneurs, local businessmen, and other industrialists to develop better and newer things for the welfare of society and state. Top notch industrialists at national and international levels will grace the occasion along with the local entrepreneurs.
  • New cultural concepts: the grand event will have various new talent shows and programs that would not just put the spotlight on the variation in Odisha’s culture but also encourage the local artisans and workers. 11th of November 2018 the cultural rides would include coastal fun run, heritage walks, golf tournaments and tours of the tribal museum as well as Kala Bhoomi (Odisha craft museum). Odissi dance tributes by Smr Aruna Mohanty and TED talk by Rourkela born and US-based designer Bibhu Mohapatra are the other major attractions too.
  • Odisha themed pavilion “deomali” : the most interesting part of the event is the pavilions decorated based on themes and titled “deomali”. This would be more beautiful with the amazing projections of the geodesic domes. Installation of virtual reality and showcase of top tourists places in the state are the other aspects of the dome.
  • Startup talk: the meet would include trained and experienced executives, industrialist, investors, founders, mentors and motivators who would interact with the young energetic entrepreneurs and encourage them the right way.
  • Technology interests: A very informative and engaging talk by the senior vice president and general manager of service provider business at Cisco systems the USA, Ms. Yvette Kanoff on emerging technologies and the latest trends associated with the same.
  • Awards night: few new categories as the Odisha CSR will be presented to the deserving participants. Expo awards and pride of Odisha are amongst the other awards that day.
  • Japan seminar: the events would include a one-day tribute to all Japanese companies as they are the national partners of the make in India conclave. A dedicated session would be there for the manufacturing and production companies of Japan such as the Mitsubishi, Nissan, JFE steel, Takahata precision and many more.
  • 36 hour hackathon: 293 selected students divided into 93 teams will participate in this amazing competition which is being organized for the first time in the state. The smart Odisha hackathon is sure to win a lot of attention and applause.
  • The great selected panel members and personalities reassure the importance and utility of this big event.

The make in Odisha conclave 2018 is definitely the biggest of the events in the state and the expectation and hopes of developing a better future in terms of industry and business, as well as employment, are high. The event looks promising and may turn out to be the talisman for the state welfare works in progress.