8 ways to use frozen water for amazing skin


Water benefits skin in many ways, but it is surprising to know that ice cubes has many uses in beauty care if applied properly.

Shahnaz Husain, founder, Chairperson and MD The Shahnaz Husain Group, lists down some ways to use frozen water:

* It helps to minimize the pores and even stops sweating for a while. Yes, rubbing ice on the skin does have benefits, but one should remember not to apply ice directly on the skin because it can spoil the capillaries. Wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth and then apply it on the face gently for a few seconds at a time. This should be done after cleansing. It can cool down the skin and even add shine.

* To make your concealer last during the hot and humid season, first cleanse the skin and then apply an astringent toner, using cotton wool. After a few minutes, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and apply it on the skin for a few seconds at a time. This helps to shrink the pores.

* Ice applications are also useful in dealing with acne conditions. If acne eruptions look red and inflamed, ice would help the condition to subside.

* If there is any injury with swelling, we have heard how an ice pack reduces the inflammation and relieves pain. The same principle can be applied to reduce puffy eyes. Again wrap the frozen water in a clean cloth and apply under the eyes for some time.

* The skin under the eyes is very thin and this can result in broken capillaries if you apply the ice for longer periods. After threading or even waxing, ice applications do help.

Aashmeen Munjaal of Star Salon and Academy also has some inputs to share:

* For oily skin, add lime juice odicolon to the cube. It keeps your skin odour-free and well nourished. You can also use it for underarms as it helps controlling the excessive sweat and odour.

* Rub the ice cubes over your face properly and leave them for 20 minutes and then wash. It works as a great toner and cleanser if used twice daily. If you have dry skin, add two to three almonds to this paste and it will be a boon for your skin.

* If your skin is patchy or is sunburnt, you can use aloevera cubes to cure and nourish your skin. You can add neem oil or jasmine which is very good for skin. Just take one frozen water and rub it over your neck, knuckles and elbows and leave for 20 minutes to get rid of dark cells and tanning.